I would like to talk about my homebrew world, Muluth. (mah-LOOTH)

Like any good home-made campaign world, mine is rich in history – ironically, I actually mean IRL history. The actual, real-life story of Muluth is at least 12 years old, and it all started with a dream.

From that dream sprung a city, Muluth’s capital of Halasthas. From that city, a nation grew, with characters and a history. Tales spun out of that history, and before I knew it, I had created a world.

Around the time this all happened, I was also working on (or, in some cases, sitting on) a handful of other “swords-and-sorcery” fantasy stories. There were some common names between them, but usually vastly different plots and characters. Not on purpose, just because I liked the names. Like Halasthas. Halasthas has been a staple of my fantasy settings for years.

It finally occurred to me one day that perhaps the reason for all that commonality is because maybe it’s all the same world, just at different times. Thus that history of Muluth began taking shape. At the pinnacle of all my planning, I had an outline for a 7-book series spanning the history of Muluth, which connected the stories of several characters over thousands of years.

But, after this-and-that, it fell by the wayside.

I’ve come back to it every once in a while, reshaped the world, refined some of the history, etc. But it never really went much further than before. It became a sad shell of what I once had planned.

Then 5E Dungeons & Dragons happened. I got really into it, and started playing, and doing a lot of research. I found Christopher Perkins’ former blog, The DM Experience, on the Wizards of the Coast website, and I devoured the information he provided about DMing and about his own homebrew experiences.

From that, inspiration struck. I loved what he did with his Iomandra campaign setting, and decided that a world ruled by powerful, evil-aligned dragonborn made for a compelling place to adventure for a band of heroes set against this tyrannical empire that was far more powerful than them.

But where to set this..?

Thus, Muluth was reborn. I set aside the story I had outlined previously, and wrote a new history, a creation myth, and a small pantheon consisting of existing D&D gods. Now, Muluth breathes again, and has so much potential for adventurers to explore.

I still have a lot of details to hash out and develop – basically I have to “fatten up” the world a bit – but I’m very excited about the prospect of players some day inhabiting this world, and helping it to grow, and watching it react to their actions.

That map shown on this post is my hand-drawn map of Muluth, the continent on which this campaign takes place. It shares a lot of similarities with my original idea of Muluth, but is also vastly different. I’m working on a larger, more detailed and more geo-accurate version of it, and perhaps I’ll put up progress pictures as I go.

I’ll get into my world a bit in more posts under the “World-Building” tag here on the site, but – until then – Well Met!