I’m painfully aware that this blog has been inactive lately. My apologies to anyone following along. The last few months have been very busy for me. My group hasn’t sat down to play D&D since before Thanksgiving.

I do a lot of theater work as an actor, and I had a Christmas show at the beginning of December, and then – immediately after – I was cast in another show (which opens in February), and made the director of a Jr. show at the same time. So I’ve been juggling both of these shows for the past several weeks.

Not to mention work, and a home life consisting of a 16-month old.

So yeah.

LUCKILY, my group and I have found a day when we can all meet, and we’ll be playing D&D again this Sunday, the 22nd, for the first time since the holidays! We’re all so excited, and I’m hoping I’ll have some opportunities to make some new posts for this blog.

I do have a lot of content lined up, so that should help.

Unfortunately, after this coming Sunday, I’m not sure when my group will be able to play again, due to my shows. It might be not until March. So we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s what is going on, and why I’ve been absent these past couple months.

Until next time, Well Met!