My birthday is in just a few days, and I’ve decided to celebrate it by sharing the gift of Dungeons and Dragons with some of my closest friends. Here, again, is proof that I’m crazy.

I will be DMing a two-day event campaign set in my homebrew world of Akaar, in which I will be hosting over 20 players between the two days.

It’s insane. I’m nervous as hell. I’m honestly not sure if it’s going to work. But I’m bristling with excitement.

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I’m attempting to do something special here, and I hope it goes well. Back in this post, I talk about this various points of history on Akaar and its continents, the epochs of time. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to run a special one-/two-shot campaign during one of these epochs? That way, the various moments within the event are fleshed out by actual players making actual decisions and helping to affect the outcome.

So that’s what I’m doing. The event in Erruni history known as “Titanswrath” will be actually played out at my table by my friends on my birthday. This is going to be so cool.

I hope.

I don’t want to reveal any of the details of the event before it actually happens, in case any of my players read this post before then, because that would spoil some cool surprises. HOWEVER, I can shed a little bit of light on it.

I very briefly talked about the Erruni capital city of Safuja previously, and that’s where this campaign will begin, with the group of adventurers gathering in the capital in answer to a call for heroes.

They will meet with the Sovereign, Balthias zon Tior, a high elf paladin of Shamol, the goddess of redemption. He will provide the details of what must be done in order to save the world.

The campaign will be split into 2 days, two separate – but linked – sub-campaigns.

Day 1 will involve the group escorting a handful of generals representing the armies of Errun to a hidden location in order to make a deal to grant them power enough to handle what happens in Day 2.

Day 2 will be the entire group taking on the forces that threaten to destroy the world with these new powers.

It has a very epic and cinematic feel, and I hope to run the game that way. I’m not going to be as RAW as I normally am when I DM. With this many players, and this big of a scale in the event, I feel like it needs to have that more “cinematic” feel. I’d be willing to fudge a few rules to make things work in special ways. We’ll see what happens.

The best part of this is that the heroes that participate in the campaign, the decisions they make, I will actually incorporate them into the history of Akaar. Their names will be included in the stories that are passed down about Titanswrath.

And speaking of heroes…. I have tasked the players with coming up with their own characters for this. I have pretty much given them free reign in doing so, too. So far, I’ve let them choose from just about any race and background, and just about any class that’s available for 5e or any of its supplements (like UA). I even have someone using Matt Mercer’s Gunslinger custom class – though I’ve modified it from using firearms to using hand crossbows, as I told the player that it’s too early in the world’s history for firearms to have been developed for use.

So, anything that my players come up with in their character’s backstory, I’m going to plug into my world. They give me a town name they’re from? Boom! It’s in the world. They say they’re the offspring of an angel and a man locked into a devil-contract? Bam! It’s in the world.

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They are effectively helping me to flesh out Errun, and that makes me very happy. I’m happy to have input from other creative sources, and I hope that they get a kick out of having their ideas put into permanent play.

Since the event is going to be epic-level play, each player will be bringing a level 17 or 18 character to the table. And since that means they’ll be playing veteran adventurers, I’ve allowed them to possess a magical weapon or piece of armor, as well as a very rare or wondrous magic item (barring things that grant wishes).

All of this is forcing me to create, to build the world of Akaar into something playable. This is handy because that’s exactly what I plan to do with it. Once this insane birthday event of mine is over, I’m going to extend an invitation to my players to continue the story, and come back to play with me again. But shhh, don’t tell them that! It’s a surprise.

Anyway, all of this is why there was no Curse of Strahd game on the 29th, and no subsequent campaign diary update post. I’m busy getting this event game ready, and I only have a couple more days to finish preparing. Day 1’s events are nearly done. Just a couple finishing touches, and I’m ready to go. Day 2, however, is not close. So I’m trying to hurry through it, but still make it really enjoyable and comprehensive.

Here’s hoping my players enjoy it!

I’ll have another post or two for you all the week after my birthday, with all the details of what happened.

Until then – Well Met!