My apologies for the lack of content lately, my life has become quite busy again with the holiday season upon us. My Curse of Strahd games have taken a brief break as we all make time to see family and all that great stuff. They should be coming back in a week or two.

In the meantime, I have been doing a lot of reading. As you may know, if you’re following this blog, I am building the world of Akaar, my homebrew D&D setting. I have created a pantheon of gods for this world, and the history of Akaar is rife with their influence.

However, in order to make the influence of these gods have a lasting effect on the world, I need to establish their religions and their churches. This is a very daunting task to me – especially since the pantheon is so large (there are even more gods than those listed in my article about them, which have since died or disappeared for whatever reason).

Well I have had some tremendous luck, because my friend – the DM – has sent me a FANTASTIC book called The Book of the Righteous, from Green Ronin publishing.


This is an answer to my prayers, funnily enough. It is a huge book that comes complete with its own, fully-developed pantheon of gods to read through. It then explains every god in that pantheon, how they came to be, how the mortals of the world worship them, and it even has in-world myths that explain certain phenomena in the world (like how the sun and moon came to rise and set every day). This book is truly a spectacular gift, and I cannot thank my friend enough for his generosity.

What’s even better about this book is that it not only completely details an existing pantheon for you to use or poach from, it then also has a “Do It Yourself” chapter. This chapter is AMAZING. Here’s why:

Don’t have an existing pantheon for your setting yet? Great! This chapter gives you tons of ideas to think about and get you brainstorming. Only have a list of names and domains, but no real stories, histories, or churches yet? Awesome. This chapter will totally help you fill those things in. Already have an existing pantheon that has a lot of details in it? No problem! This chapter will totally get you thinking about new things you probably haven’t thought of unless you’ve been running homebrew D&D settings for 30 years.

Now let’s say you’ve done all the work, and you have a pantheon you’re happy with. Uh-oh… now you have some gods whose domains don’t really mesh up with the religious Character Class options you find in the 5e PHB. OH DON’T YOU WORRY. The Book of the Righteous has you covered! It has a whole CHAPTER on new rules for character classes, background options, cleric domains, paladin oaths, barbarian paths, and the lot. It’s so awesome! There’s even a new Bard College!

There’s even a section of new feats, spells, and magic items to drool over.

This book has thought of EVERYTHING when it comes to the creation of the divine and the aspects of the divine for your homebrew setting. I want to take a second and say that I am NOT being paid or compensated in any way by Green Ronin or any third parties in my endorsement of this product – I am doing so because I LOVE this book. I am very, very passionate about how helpful and how inspiring this book has been to me in the past few days that I’ve had it. I have devoured its contents as quickly as I can read them.

If pantheons are something you struggle with, look no further, and suffer no longer. The Book of the Righteous is for you, and it’s WELL worth the price. As soon as you heft the enormous thing into your hands, and feel its weight, you’ll understand that this is a thing of beauty that deserves the price tag that it boasts. But if that’s not your thing, the PDF version is half the cost, and still worth every penny.

But, I mean, come on. The book is so beautiful.

Anyway, check it out on Green Ronin’s site here. And take a look at Matt Mercer’s Tal’Dorei campaign setting book while you’re at it. He details his world’s gods very well, too. Though, weirdly, many of his gods share domains. I thought that was a strange choice. But interesting, in that now those gods can fight over the domain they share.

After reading through The Book of the Righteous, I know for a fact that I will be incorporating many elements that I found within into my world of Akaar. It’s so fantastic, and I’m so happy with this product.

Until next time – Well Met!