Don’t worry – I haven’t disappeared again.

Two of my players in the Curse of Strahd campaign moved out of state last year, and one of them now has a new job that dictates that we change our game schedule. We’re no longer on Sunday nights, unfortunately. But, we do have a plan, it’s just going to take a couple of weeks for everything to align back up.

It’ll be the end of September before I’m able to post any new Curse of Strahd updates.

As for Star Wars 5e – I still do want to continue that campaign. But I feel like if I try to coordinate all of THOSE schedules to get a game going TOO, then my head’s going to explode.

And, finally, I think I know what campaign I’m going to run next, once Curse of Strahd is finished. I think I’m looking to get mostly new players for this game, with new characters and everything. A new setting, a new story. All new, new, new.

Sorry for saying new so many times.

But I think that’s the plan. I’m still…feeling out the waters…so to speak 😉

So there it is. That’s why I’ve been quiet for a little bit. It was nice, though, wasn’t it? We were gaming solidly every week for a little while there. And that was awesome. Hopefully we can return to a semi-normal consistency like that soon.

Until then — Well Met!