Happy Quarantine, everyone! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

So I am happy to say that it’s very likely that our 3-year-long Curse of Strahd campaign will be drawing to a close soon! I’m so happy with how this game has gone, and I’m so proud of my players for making it as far as they have, and happy they’ve stuck with me all this time.

I’ve been focusing on the Strahd game as much as possible, because of how draining it can be, energy- and time-wise. That being said, as it nears the end, I have been looking at what’s coming next.

This coming weekend is FULL of D&D.

I will be running a homebrewed funhouse dungeon for a small group of friends, and I will be writing about that when it’s done. It’s SUCH a fun game, and I’m excited to share it here.

Curse of Strahd continues this weekend as well. So expect another post coming for that, too!


Then it’s our session 0 for the next main campaign I will be running!



I am also preparing to run what’s looking like an “intro to D&D” session for another group of friends soon! Holy cow! So I’ve decided to give this one a try…



So this is all pretty exciting.

And, don’t worry, the Star Wars 5E game is still on the books… I’m basically waiting for Strahd to be over in order to work on the other long-term projects.



So that’s what’s going on right now! I have more time to be able to focus on these campaigns, and so I’m hoping to be able to continue bringing new, excellent D&D content for you all!

Thanks for being faithful readers! Or, if you’re new to Well Met, please give me a follow, and enjoy!

Until next time, Well Met!